The function of this massage is to treat the upper back of the body as well as relieve hypertension in the cervical region to relieve muscle pain and tension, headaches, physical and / or mental wear and tear, and poor posture.
    Harmony massage aims to calm, relax and relieve pain. This technique promotes effects that lead to the triggering of stimulating functions, thus influencing the physiological, psychological and physical state of the body. This massage promotes mechanical action on the body, such as the movement of lymph, venous blood and the mobilization of muscle fibers, tendons, skin and adhesions.

    Relaxing massage provides relaxation, relieves stress and pain, increases the flow of nutrients, removes metabolites (toxic substances from cells) harmful to the body, and relieves pain and muscle tension.

      This massage technique is used for the purpose of slimming and modeling the desired areas, which helps to get rid of localized fat deposits and cellulite. Provides improved blood circulation and increases metabolism. During this massage, special creams are used to burn fat and reduce cellulite, as well as to strengthen the skin.

          A technique involving the use of gentle, slow and repetitive movements. The function of lymphatic drainage is to remove lymph that stagnates between cells. This stimulation will reduce swelling, fluid retention and improve blood circulation in general, as well as prepare the body for anti-cellulite treatments, while reducing soreness. Massage increases the metabolism in the body as a whole.

            Deep and natural massage. The main advantage of the Ayurvedic Classical massage is the healing of the whole organism. During the session, not only the muscles are worked out, all organs and systems are involved in the work, including the psychological component. The course of procedures helps to literally "be born again", cleanse itself of negativity. Using oils, a special diet and regime (rest, meditation, yoga), accumulated toxins are removed, energy is restored.
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