Facial Care
The procedure is well tolerated by all skin types. Thorough cleansing helps balance dry, normal, oily and combination skin.

Remove dead cells and keep the skin soft and healthy.

    Manual Facial Higiene + 1 ampoule + Detox Mascara
    € 65
    ( 60 min)
    Manual Facial Higiene + 1 ampoule + Detox Mascara + Deep Hidration
    € 90
    ( 90 min )
    Ultrasonic facial higiene

    € 55
    ( 30 min )

    Dehydrated, oily, sensitive or dry skin

    You can enjoy this ritual in Harmony Concept, which cares for dehydrated, oily, sensitive or dry skin, providing a healthy glow and eliminating oxidative processes, and promoting optimal and long-lasting hydration for healthy and beautiful skin. This ritual is effective in preventing skin aging.
      Deep Hidration + Facial massage
      ( dry skin )
      € 70
      ( 60 min)

      Marine Pyrification + Facial massage
      ( dry skin )
      € 70
      ( 60 min)
      Cold Cream Marin + Massagem Facial ( very sensitive skin with cuperos )
      € 70
      ( 60 min)
      This facial is indicated for skin prone to acne or that already has acne. When the skin undergoes hormonal changes, it tends to imbalance its basic functions and needs help, that is, special treatment.
          (anti pigmentation face and hands)

          To combat age spots and uneven complexions, Harmony Concept offers a treatment protocol that corrects melanic disorders and environmental stress. Alga Castanha, Wakamé extract, discovered by Talgo, smoothes, evens out and brightens the complexion; inhibits tyrosinases and protects against environmental stress.
              PEELLING MARIN.
              TOTAL RENEWAL SKIN
              PEELING MARIN is a new line of facial exfoliation by Harmony Concept with a "new skin" effect. TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION OF ACID ENZYMES OF MICROFRAGMENT ED ALGAE, in addition to exfoliating action, also takes care of the quality of the skin. Peeling Marin's professional anti-aging protocol is designed with 3 levels of acid enhancement - lactic, glycolic and gluconic.
                  Facial care Age Defence
                  This facial treatment leaves the skin taut, firm and smoothed. The first marine filler with three different molecular weight hyaluronic acids and marine procollagen allows for a triple wrinkle correction:

                  1-thickening, 2-smoothing and 3-filling them.

                  This feature allows you individually act according to the characteristics and needs of different types and conditions of the skin, with visible results after the first treatment.

                        MARIN SILICIO RITUAL
                        (3D restoration, lifting, renewal)

                        This face care is extremely effective, regenerates the skin and gives good results without the need for invasive treatments or costly surgery. Skin is tightened, looks firmer, fresher and more radiant.

                              RITUAL EXEPTION MARINE
                              A ritual with maximum tensor effect to combat the loss of firmness and sagging skin. This ritual uses the exclusive manual technique of ÉNERGILIFT true "lifting", offering immediately visible effectiveness. Allows you to smooth out wrinkles, reduce facial flabbiness and correct the oval.
                                    Hyalu-Procollagene Ritual + Facelift massage
                                    € 90
                                    ( 60 min)
                                    Marin Silicio Ritual + Facelift massage
                                    € 100
                                    ( 75 min)
                                    Exeption Marine Ritual + Facelift massage
                                    € 115
                                    ( 90 min)
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