Body Care

Exfoliating the body has a positive effect on the condition of not only the skin, but also the whole body. It is the main tool for the synthesis of vitamin D3, which is vital for our body. A body scrub better prepares the skin for performing aesthetic, cosmetic procedures;
applying creams, masks, wraps;
protects against UV rays, especially during the swimming season.

    No Harmony Concept pode usufruir um envolvimento corporal com efeito detoxificante, adelgaçante. Este ritual elimina toxinas, mineraliza a pele.

    Complexo das algas micro fragmentadas Torna a silhueta mais esbelta, dá firmeza aos tecidos e bem-estar geral do corpo. A silueta adelgaçar, os nódulos de gordura aliviam-se ao longo das sessões.

      Slimming Slime Body wrap will improve your silhouette. Removes toxins, strengthens the dermis and improves skin elasticity. Due to the synergy of the assortment of products based on essential oils, which activate the physiological processes of metabolism and removal of fatty deposits, enhancing their penetrating action and heat transfer with the help of a sweating accessory. In our case, a thermal blanket is used.
          BODY PALP
          ( VACUUM THERAPY )
          A truly innovative solution in weight loss and skin regeneration, the protocol of which includes, cosmeceutical body peeling alternating with slimming and firming body wraps. The massage performed with the BODY PALP system, a patented innovation, combines the effectiveness of Palper-rouler with the main recognized techniques for fat elimination, toning and silhouette remodeling. Faster and more obvious results.

              Rediscover your energy with the power of the sea stones from the Atlantic beaches. The erosive force of waves has always colored the sand on the Atlantic coast, depositing various semiprecious minerals. Embark on this exhilarating journey inspired by "marine lithotherapy" and harness the power of "precious algae", thanks to the sea crystals, to restore vital energy.
              Medical and aesthetic technology that promotes weight loss, accelerates metabolism and lymphatic drainage. An effective and deep action for detoxifying the body, removing excess fluid and treating cellulite in all its conditions. The very fact of reactivation of the circulatory system increases the oxygenation of the body, which leads to an improvement in blood circulation, this avoids pain caused by tired legs or sleeping limbs.
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