Instrumental Facial Care. iBeauty technology
Modern technologies provide comfort and efficiency of the procedure.
Function used Ultrasonic re-exfoliates the skin, preparing it for the next step: Low-frequency ultrasound vibrates the spatula to perform deep exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and effectively cleansing the skin.
The next function of the device - Ultrasonic Frequency, includes technologies for ideal correction, which allow both to cleanse and fill the skin with the necessary components of products for better penetration and rejuvenation ..
Another function of the device is RF-lifting. The latest anti-aging technology based directly on aesthetic medicine.

    Hydration correction
    Ideal for all dry and dull epidermis, this treatment stimulates natural hydration by nourishing the skin with remineralizing and regenerating active ingredients. The skin is fresh, radiant and intensely hydrated from the very first session.

    € 65
    ( 45 min)

    Ultrasonic face cleaning
    This Express 30 Minute Treatment is the perfect answer for all the women looking to restore the balance and deep cleansing. The skin becomes healthier and more radiant, cleansed and stabilized.

    € 55
    ( 30 min)
    Youth Activation
    Inspired by the anti-aging methods of aesthetic medicine, this treatment is a complex to effectively combat the signs of time. The skin is tightened, and the face becomes more elastic and rejuvenated after the first session.

    € 80
    ( 45 min)

    Localized Youth Ativation
    This technology is applied on any part of the face or in addition to various rituals.

    € 30 / € 50
    ( 15 min) / ( 30 min)
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